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National Youth Summit On Drugs & Distracted Driving 2018

STUDENT Registration Form

An experience that will change your life!

The OSAID National Summit On Drugs & Distracted Driving will do just that in a very positive way.   


To register for this event happening May 10 to 13, 2018 at Niagara College (Welland Campus), simply fill in the Registration Form below and send us your Summit fee at your earliest convenience!   

(All registrations received after April 20th are subject to a 15% increase in cost).

If you have any questions of comments, please contact us at


We accept payment by cheque, credit card (by phone), e-transfer and secure online payment using your credit card or direct debit through PayPal.  The early bird registration date was April 13 but we are still accepting registrations and honouring the reduced pricing for the time being.

*The pricing below includes all Summit activities and events, accommodation & meals.

Three Day Rate:  Student Rates per person

$325  Double suite - Four persons occupy

$350  Double suite - Three persons occupy

$425  Double Suite - Two persons occupy


Daily Rate

$225 per day, 8 am-midnight includes all conference activities not including accommodation.

Two Day Rate: $300


Student Rooming

Each student delegate, upon registration, will be issued a  dorm style suite of consisting of two separate bedrooms, common kitchen and shared bathroom. There will be a maximum of 4 students per suite. If there is full occupancy in the room (4 students) you may chose to share a double bed or bring your own ground mattress and sleeping bag.  (If you have a preferred room mate(s) we will attempt to match you with you with them)..)

Staff Advisor Discounted Rates per person

$325  Double Suite - Two persons occupy (each person gets their own bedroom)

$500  Double suite - One person

Ready to get started?!  Please fill in the Registration Form below!

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