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OSAID began in 1987. 

By 1995 OSAID had grown to 500 secondary schools across Ontario.

Almost 3 decades later, OSAID has seen ten's of thousands of students and teachers volunteer their time to make their schools and communities safer. 

OSAID applauds all those volunteers!

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Youth Leadership

" As I reflect on my experiences in OSAID, I can say that these experiences were definitely instrumental in developing the following for me:

  • networking skills

  • organizational skills

  • leadership skills

  • communication skills

  • presentation skills/confidence in public speaking

These are skills that I feel I would not have developed without having been involved in OSAID.   OSAID allowed me to be a leader in an organization that didn’t require that I was an athlete or a musician or to have any special talents.  OSAID required that I had an interest in raising awareness towards a very important cause and provided me with self-awareness and valuable real life skills in return. " 

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