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OSAID Videos / Student Videos

       OSAID Explainer-Video

Ontario students talk about the importance of education youth about the dangers of impaired driving and discuss their experiences and benefits about being involved with OSAID.

Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving 30 Sec. Commercial 

This short but powerful video reiterates the brutal danger of driving impaired and is a stark reminder that we all need to do our part to raise awareness and help prevent further loss of life.

UCDSB/OSAID Mock Car Crash

Upper Canada District School Board & Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving (OSAID) held a mock car crash. The exercise, which was accompanied by an assembly, graphically showed students the potentially brutal consequences of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving (Bayview Secondary School)

The Bayview Secondary Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving (OSAID) Chapter had 100 students working to spread awareness in the community about the dangers of driving impaired. Through organizing a variety of activities, we were able to do our part in helping others make the right choices when and before they get behind the wheel. 

A special thank you to our staff advisor and our sponsor, Ontario SpeakUp. 

Please spread the word and Don't Drive Impaired.

A Look Back At The OSAID Conference (North Dundas District High School)

The OSAID conference was held at North Dundas District High School. With over 200 delegates, the conference was a huge success

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