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It is very important for anyone participating in SAID Day to complete this very brief evaluation and order form. Your completion of this greatly helps us continue this important work.​

Participating school will be sent the following SAID Day promotional materials

Thank you to the first 50 schools who ordered the SAID Day Kits.

We are now out of stock

2 x SAID Day T-Shirts • 2 x Arrive Alive Sunglasses • 50 x SAID Day Buttons • 

1x Vinyl Banner 3X6 Ft • 25 x OSAID Pamphlets


All schools wishing to be entered into the draw to win one of two $500 cash prizes for their school's Graduation or Prom Committee must complete and submit the form below.


Deadline for the 2 X $500 draw is May 18th 2023 and proof of SAID Day Activities must be sent to by May 31st 2023.

Order Form
Are you a ....

Approximately how many people do you think you will reach with your SAID Day promotions.

Social Media
People looking at a banner
What do you plan to do to promote SAID Day? (check all that apply)
Send proof of your SAID Day activites to and use #saidday2023 by the deadline.
Are you entering your school for the $500 draw.

Thank you for taking part in #SAIDDAY2023 and for subscribing to our OSAID News & Updates Mailing List. * Sending proof of your SAID Day activities enters your school to win one of two $500 cash prizes for your school's Prom or Grad Committee.

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