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Matt (John) Evans

OSAID Provincial Coordinator

Matt (John) Evans is an educator and an actor who has worked with youth projects across Canada for many years.  His motivational presentations have inspired teaching staff and students throughout Canada and the USA.


Matt's achievements and awards are numerous and include:


- Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedicated work with OSAID. (Awarded by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation)

- Twice recipient of the Provincial Road Safety Achievement Award for Professionalism in Business.  (Awarded by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation)

As an actor he has numerous films to his credit including Beowulf and Grendel, Black Swan, The Birdmen, Things To Do and others. On TV he has appeared in the series, Highlander The Raven, and Daring and Grace. .  He is also the recipient of  best actor awards from the Western Ontario Drama League.

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