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“My Staff Advisor listen to us, lets us run with ideas and then gives us a reality check. Without them our meeting would be way off track and we would never get anything done”


Planning Guide

This Mini Planning Guide will help you plan three events

Aliens visit the earth and are amazed by TEACHERS

Keyboard and Mouse

CAA's Ontario Road Safety Resource - Free Lesson Plans By Grade Level
Drinking, drugs and driving should never mix. Ontario laws are zero-tolerance for impaired driving by young and novice drivers, making it both illegal and unsafe.
Read on for lesson plans, laws and facts about impaired driving, and tips to stay safe on the road.

Classroom Lecture

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“OSAID is a tremendous organization. It is an arena that fosters amazingly positive leadership among young adults, while promoting a worthy cause. The influence it has had on me and thousands of teenagers over the years is immeasurable. I am surrounded by friends and family who don’t drink and drive, and I like to think I have influenced my small part of the world” 


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