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Planning your next OSAID event?   We've got you covered!  We want to support you in every way we can and are pleased to share tools and resources including our official logos, posters, planning toolbox and the loan of our impairment goggles.

Don't see what you need?   Please contact us - we are happy to help in any way we can.

Download our NEW digital OSAID Resources
Safe Driving Booklet (PDF) - ready to print
*10X more likely to crash if you use your phone to text while driving sourced from MTO
Download our additional OSAID Resources
OSAID Planning & Idea Guide

Ready to get started?  Download our OSAID Planning & Idea Guide which gives you all the tools you need to set up and manage an OSAID group in your school.

Order Our Impairment Goggles For Your OSAID Event

Our impairment goggles are available for loan to schools and service organizations.  These goggles mimic intoxication and are a useful tool for illustrating the dangerous effects of both alcohol and drug impairment.  

For more information about our impairment goggles or to reserve a pair for your event,

please click here.

Download Our Official Logo

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Safe Roads

Safe Community

FREE Road Signs for your school or community

Make a statement in your community !


With support from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, OSAID is offering  free metal " Safe Roads Safe Community" 60cmX90cm

$25 Shipping & Handling per sign

Free to new OSAID groups starting up .....while supplies last