Scholarships:                                                      DEADLINE is JUNE 1ST 2022

OSAID is pleased to offer two Anna Pyles Memorial Scholarships valued at $500 each. These two awards are offered in memory Anna Pyles, a young woman from Owen Sound, Ontario, who was killed by an impaired driver at the age of 24.


On June 8th, 1997, she and her brother were driving on a beautiful summer afternoon and were suddenly broadsided at an intersection by a drunk driver.  This person had been convicted of impaired driving three previous times and was driving with a suspended license.  From that moment, the lives of her family and friends were forever affected. In her memory, OSAID offers this scholarship to two students who show exceptional effort and dedication to OSAID's mission of educating youth about the dangers of impaired and distracted driving. 

This scholarship has been generously sponsored by BRAND BLVD.

Criteria to be eligible for consideration:

- You are a full time Ontario secondary/ high school student.

- You have been actively involved in OSAID activities at your school.

- You have helped organize and implemented one OSAID activity or event at your school.

- You must submit a letter of support from your Principal or a teacher and the letter must refer to your OSAID work and the activity you helped to organize and run.

- EXTRA Bonus points are awarded for helping to organize students to attend the OSAID Conferences or workshops.

Application packages should contain: 

- Student’s letter of application including a detailed explanation of your work with OSAID and why you feel that you are a good candidate to receive a scholarship.

- Principal or teacher’s letter of support

- Proof of OSAID activity (photos, media, etc)


Deadline is June 1, 2022

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