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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get OSAID started in my local school?
First, look over the OSAID website for ideas.  Starting an OSAID group takes three steps:

  • Ask a teacher or guidance counsellor if they are willing to help you start a group at your school.

  • Get some friends interested to help you.

  • Hold a meeting and plan an awareness-raising event at your school (check out the many ideas on this website).


2. What OSAID resources are available?
Resources available include our Provincial Coordinator, peer-support for OSAID members wishing to start or manage an OSAID group at their school, posters, banners, fatal vision goggles, Scholarships, Conferences, Community Resources.


3. How do I contact a students for support and ideas? 
Provincial 'Student Advisory Council’ members can be reached by emailing OSAID office at 


4. What’s the difference between a Regional Workshop and Conference?
The OSAID Workshops are one-day events with 50-100 delegates held close to your school.    The annual OSAID Provincial Leadership Conference is over three days long, boasts professional motivational speakers, workshop sessions, tours, dances,  and has over two hundred student and teacher delegates attending from all over the province Ontario. ( ...and sometimes Canada when OSAID hosts a national Conference)


5. What is an OSAID GROUP  ?
An OSAID group is a group of students who work in their school and local community to raise awareness about the dangers of driving impaired. 


6. How can I make a donation to OSAID?
Check out our Donations section.  Donations can be made online, by mail or by telephone.


7. Is it true that OSAID’s run by only teens?
OSAID is teen driven –  The OSAID Student Advisory Council, is involved with most OSAID projects, events, workshops, webinars, conference and much more.

Want to make a difference?  Want to get involved?  Contact us today!

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