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The Youth Advisory Team Wants You!

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What is the Youth Advisory Team?

OSAID is looking for 12 students each year to become the OSAID YAT. Youth Advisory Team to help learn, lead, guide, and support OSAID this school year. 

What would I do as a member of the OSAID Provincial Youth Advisory Team ?

  • Be yourself and bring your ideas and skills to the monthly virtual meetings.

  • Help to promote SAID Day at your school and in your region.

  • Attend an orientation session where you will introduce yourself to other team members and learn more about the issue of impaired and how to be an OSAID leader.

  • Be willing to start or be part of an OSAID group at your school.

  • Help to create and host the annual OSAID Conference or Webinar if the budget allows.

  • Be the contact for youth in your region who are interested in OSAID


How do I apply?


1) Complete short application below and submit to OSAID.

2) Applications will be reviewed in June. 

3) You will be notified of acceptance in June.

What is in it for me?

  • Meet new people.

  • Get 10+ volunteer hours.

  • Develop leadership skills

  • Make a positive change in your community

  • Add an impressive addition to your resume

  • Show off YOU !

Qualifications needed:

  • Approval from parent/guardian

  • Full time secondary school student

  • Experience in participating or organizing a school activity.

  • Experience in a leadership role or willing to learn

  • Approval from the school administration


Desirable qualities and skills:

  • Works well in a team

  • Self motivated

  • Good time management

  • Desire to learn

  • Want to improve leadership qualities

        Still have questions?

           Email or call 416-407-1693


I am interested to learn more about the YAT.
How did you hear about us?

Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

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