Become An OSAID Leader

Interested in going further?
Become an OSAID Student Provincial Region Representative!


Qualifications needed:

  • Approval from parent/ guardian

  • Full time student

  • Experience in an OSAID activity or similar

  • Experience in a leadership role

  • Approval from school administration


Desirable qualities and skills:

  • Works well in a team

  • Self motivated

  • Good time management

  • Desire to learn

  • Want to improve leadership qualities


Student Leaders / Ambassadors:

An OSAID leader/ambassador is a student who wishes to be involved with OSAID at their school but does not have a formal OSAID group or a staff advisor.  Use the form on the Contact Us page to register!



It is free to join. If your school has a group of students who want to start an OSAID group or chapter, you are off to a great start!  


Ready to make a difference? How to get started:

1. Principal’s consent – Any OSAID work done in school can ONLY be done with the principal’s consent and the school’s support.  Explain to your principal:

  • why you want to start an OSAID chapter

  • who will benefit (the student body, community at large)

  • what’s involved (time/staff/personal commitment)


2. Find a staff advisor – Advisors don’t do the work for you, they offer assistance.  Either ask your principal to suggest a member of staff or, be proactive and ask a member of staff if they’d be willing to consider the position.


3. Contact OSAID to register your chapter.

OSAID Regional Representatives are appointed following an application and interview process conducted with the OSAID Elections Committee. Do you want to apply to be an OSAID Provincial Student Regional Representatives?   For further information about joining the OSAID Provincial Regional Represenatives’ team, contact OSAID.