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Our workshop sessions are a 1 hour classroom session happening Friday, May 11th. 

It is mandatory that all delegates attend one workshop, however, you are free to pick the workshop of your choice.   Be sure to check out all the workshop descriptions listed below - there's some really great topics to choose from!

All delegates need to pre-register for a workshop by May 5, 2018. 

We strongly advise that you do not choose the same workshop as others from your school

so that way, your group can benefit from ALL the speakers.

To register for a workshop, please click here!

Topics, Details & Speaker Bios

*Drunk Driving Is A Woman Issue Too: 

Robyn Robertson, President & CEO, Traffic Injury Foundation

Residential Schools:  Understanding The Historical Impact Upon Today's Indigenous Youth

Roberta Scharuda, Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre


*Mental Health 101:  Support For Students & Teachers In School

Jackie Ralph, Canadian Mental Health Grey Bruce

**This workshop is full and no longer taking registrations.

*Peer Pressure:  Future Aces

Vivian Shapiro & Amanda Fingerhut

*Don't Drive High

Ministry of Public Safety

*Planning A Successful Mock Crash Event

Cindy Steele & Jean Juneau

*Impaired Driving Idea Share

Rick Brit, Dylan Mullins & Brenda McEwin

*of special interest to teachers

Robyn Robertson

Robyn Robertson:  Drunk Driving Is A Woman Issue Too 


Ms. Robyn Robertson is President & CEO of the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF), a charitable, independent road safety research institute. TIRF is a world leader in research, safety programs, and policy development. Robyn first joined TIRF as a Research Assistant in 1999 and was promoted to increasingly senior positions. She was appointed President & CEO by the Board of Directors in 2006. Her interests include the development and evaluation of policies and programs and she has also organized and conducted national surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews with criminal justice, treatment and transportation professionals. She is the author or TIRF’s knowledge translation model, and is well-versed in implementation strategies and operational practices across several sectors.  Robyn has lead a wide variety of research projects across a broad range of topics. During her career, she has published more than 200 major reports and articles on diverse road safety issues in traffic safety, criminal justice and professional journals. With a focus on education, policy and program development and evaluation, she has made more than 250 presentations at criminal justice, traffic safety, injury prevention and research conferences.  Robyn delivers technical assistance to jurisdictions around the world to strengthen impaired driving systems and support the implementation of effective programs. She has developed and delivered national public education programs on impaired driving, a comprehensive web-based curriculum on ignition interlocks, and a young and new driver resource center and vehicle safety education program.  . She is skilled at communicating technical information to diverse audiences and has authored educational primers for different audiences. She has also organized and hosted national and international conferences.

Roberta Scharuda

Roberta Scharuda:  Residential Schools:  Understanding the Historical Impact Upon Today's Indigenous Youth 


Through Roberta's talk, you will learn more about the Life Cycle Wheel and will explore and learn about the devastating impact that residential schools had on the traditional indigenous family.


Roberta Scharuda is from the Okanagan Nation and is a member of the Upper Nicola First Nation. With over 15 years of experience working in the Aboriginal community, Roberta has learned the challenges that our community’s children and families face every day, assisting those families in walking a healthier path in life.

Roberta is a passionate advocate for systemic change and improvements for Aboriginal people in Canada, particularly in the areas of child welfare. She has presented to a wide variety of groups, from children to adults, both professional and in the general community, on the devastating impacts of Residential Schools on the traditional Aboriginal family system. Roberta is currently a child and youth worker at the Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre (SOAHAC) in Owen Sound.

Jackie Ralph

Jackie Ralph:  Mental Health 101 For Students & Teachers

*This workshop is full and no longer taking registrations.


Mental Health 101  a workshop for adults and youth who interact with youth.  

Learn the signs and symptoms of the most common health issues and

illnesses affecting our youth today. Learn about youth friendly resources in

your community and beyond. Not talking about it isn’t working anymore, so

let’s talk about it. 


Jackie heads up a team of 4 staff as part of the “youth team” at Canadian Mental Health Association – Grey Bruce.  Offering the programs, The Friends and Neighbours (FAN) Club for Preschool to Grade 5;  Let’s Talk for Grade 6-8; and TAMI/Youth Net for high school students, Jackie and her team are on the road every day.  Jackie has been a Mental Health First Aid and SafeTalk instructor for 8 years.  Add all of this together, Jackie and the team speak to over 7,000 elementary students, 7,500 high school students and over 5,000 adults every single year.  Raised in small town Grey Bruce, Jackie is dedicated to doing what she can to create positive futures and encourage good mental health for all her peers, neighbours and friends.  

Vivian Shapiro
Amanda Fingerhut

Vivian Shapiro & Amanda Fingerhut:  Peer Pressure: 

Future Aces


Peer Pressure is a force that most youth face at some point in their lives.  It's power to affect young people is something that should be recognized, respected and understood.   These two speakers will present the subject head on and will offer effective tools to navigate life without the negative influences of peer pressure.

Vivian Shapiro is a retired Educator from the TDSB. A graduate from U of T and OISE, her unforgettable 32 years as teacher and administrator were dedicated to making a difference in the lives of young people and educators. She says using the Future Aces Creed to guide her changed her life and her way of doing business. Formerly a Board Member of the Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation, she is now employed by the Foundation to share her passion about Future Aces with schools in the GTA and beyond. Vivian loves to perform on stage as well as write poetry and song lyrics. Two of her songs became hits across Canada! She enjoys travelling, playing with her eleven grandchildren (including the recent set of triplets!) and walking in the mornings with Destiny, her blue-eyed Husky-Lab!

Amanda Fingerhut recently won the Me to We Educator of the Year Award. She is a graduate of the York University Concurrent Education Program. She works with Future Aces Ambassadors Committees in secondary schools throughout Toronto and teaches math at Earl Haig Secondary School. She joined the Future Aces Education Team in May 2004 in order to help plan its first youth leadership conference. Since then, the Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation has become an important part of her life. One of Amanda’s goals in life is to help youth succeed and follow their dreams. Amanda enjoys singing as well as being a performer on stage. She is the proud mother of her Cockapoo Roxy, who keeps her hopping!

Rick Brit, SADD
Dylan, SADD
Dylan, SADD

Rick Brit & Dylan Mullins, SADD USA

& Brenda McEwin, OSAID:  Impaired Driving Idea Share


Learn what other impaired/distracted driving youth groups are doing to help raise awareness at their schools and community.   Bring one of your great ideas and share it with the group.

Rick Britt has years of experience working in the prevention field. Previously, he worked with Impact Teen Drivers to support peer-to-peer-based traffic safety education and training as the Midwest Director of Operations. Rick also has significant experience as a grant writer and has worked with many state agencies on youth health and safety and leadership development. Rick has been deeply involved with SADD, from his selection as the 2009-2010 SADD National Student of the Year to his service as the Ohio SADD State Contact. Rick loves to give back to the community. As such, he was elected to his local Board of Education at Northwestern Schools in Springfield, Ohio leading numerous community and state-wide advocacy efforts with the Ohio School Board Association and the National School Board Association.

Joining Rick will be Dylan who is from Marlboro, New Jersey. He joined SADD at the end of his freshmen year of high school because he believed the organization’s peer-to-peer outreach was especially effective in making a lasting impact on his community. Dylan fondly remembers handing out lollipops with kind messages attached to remind his peers to make smart choices during prom season. Dylan will attend The George Washington University this Fall to study political science and economics.

Joining Rick and Dylan is OSAID's Vice Chair Brenda McEwin.   Brenda has been affiliated with OSAID since 1995 and a valued OSAID Director since 2004.  Her hard work and dedication to the cause of educating our youth about impaired and distracted driving makes her an incredible asset to the OSAID team.   Brenda is the recipient of many awards including Key Contribution to Education Award, Ontario Volunteer Award, Council for Exceptional Children Award Huron-Perth, the Peter Wong Excellence in Education Award and others.  In addition to being a committed member of the OSAID team, Brenda has also worked as an Educational Assistant for the Avon Maitland District School Board for 27 years.

Planning A Successful School Event

Cindy Steele & Jean Juneau:  Planning A Successful School Mock Crash Event


Learn how to plan and implement a Mock Crash event at your school.  This event can make a lasting impact on your school and community and you use your local resources and people to make it happen. 

Be sure to check out:

Kevin Miller, Public Safety Canada:  Don't Drive High


Don’t Drive High’s is a national awareness campaign created to educate Canadians about the safety and legal risks of drug-impaired driving. 

Kevin has over 12 years of experience in federal government social marketing through his time with Health Canada, Canadian Heritage, and Public Safety Canada.  He has worked on a number of highly successful campaigns dealing with such high-profile topics such as healthy eating, environmental health, emergency preparedness and cyber security.

As the Manager of the Marketing team at Public Safety Canada, Kevin leads all social marketing, advertising, and partnership activities for such successful campaigns as Get Cyber Safe, Flood Ready, and Don’t Drive High.


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