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Every year, lives are needlessly lost on our roadways because of alcohol, drugs and distracted-impaired driving.  
These are avoidable tragedies that leave scars on our families, schools, and communities.  During Students Against Impaired Driving Day we ask that you make known your commitment to preventing impaired driving.  

We remember the victims and honour their memory by making the responsible decision to not be impaired while driving and ensuring that others do the same.

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What is Impaired Driving? 

Alcohol, drugs, distraction and excessive speed will

impair your ability to drive.

What is the message you want to send ?



Impaired driving is the leading criminal cause of death and injury in Canada.



If you help to raise awareness about the dangers of impaired driving on SAID Day you will be helping to reduce the death and injury rate of youth.



By not driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, by not driving at excessive speeds,  and by not being distracted by a phone while driving, the death and injury rates of teens resulting from impaired driving can be drastically reduced.



Always plan ahead. Designate a driver who is not impaired and arrange for an alternate way home just in case.


Talk to your friends and loved ones and remind them how important it is to you that they never drive impaired.


If you are the one hosting the party, always offer non-alcoholic drink options for your guests so they can still have a good time eating and drinking with everyone else.


If you see and suspect an impaired driver on the road, notify law enforcement immediately. Call 911


If you know someone who is impaired and is about to drive, ask them politely not to drive, and suggest some alternatives. 


-Share SAID DAY posts and slogans on social media #saidday2023.

-Ask your school or your workplace to participate.

-Ask your Student Council to participate.

Start an OSAID chapter at your school.



-Hang the SAID-DAY banner in a highly visible area in the school.

-Make a school announcement proclaiming SAID DAY.  

-Upload “We support SAID DAY” on the school marquee’. #saidday2023

-Include SAID Day in the parent newsletter.

-Post your school's participation on your school’s social media platforms.

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Business & Community 

-Support SAID Day on your marquee.  

-Post some of the SAID Day Social media images on your social media platforms. 

-Create your own SAID Day promotion.

-Send a memo to your employees asking them to have a safe weekend and 

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-Share SAID DAY posts and slogans on your social media.

-Ask your school administration to proclaim SAID DAY at your school.

-Ask your Student Council to participate.

-Share the SAID Day information with your school leadership class teachers.

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School Boards

-Send a memo to all  schools in your board asking them to proclaiming SAID DAY.

-Ask the Student Trustees to consider getting their schools involved.  

-Post some of the SAID Day Social media images on the School Board’s social media platforms. 


Contact us

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 FREE SAID DAY Resources 

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 Today is SAID DAY,

-Students Against Impaired Driving Day.

We support student leadership and encourage everyone to

never drive impaired.

Arrive alive.

Friends don't let friends drive impaired.

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